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Keeping your healthy habits when traveling.

Many of my patients worry that their trips will “ruin” their healthy lifestyle. So, here are some tips to help you stay fit and eat healthy while having a great time during your vacations. Please, remember that vacations are made to be enjoyed to the max, so please don’t feel guilty, relax and fully live all your experiences; your mental health is crucial.

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Just as dieting behaviors can snowball into an eating disorder, an obsession with the gym and weight-lifting can lead to bigorexia when combined with low self-esteem and a distorted self-imageDon’t get me wrong, not everyone who loves working out regularly struggles with bigorexia. Swipe right to find out the signs to tell the difference between healthy exercise patterns and disordered behaviors.The biggest challenge in seeking treatment for this population is that often they may be reluctant to seek help. Besides, exercising is often praised within our culture, therefore these individuals may receive external validation for their obsessive and compulsive behaviors.If you or a loved one believe that you might be struggling with muscle dysmorphia, it is important that you reach out for help and support.

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In the past 24 hours alone, I have heard 2 of many similar stories of mothers feeling guilty after people shamed them. One is pregnant and was eating gummy bears when someone shamed her for harming her baby and told her in front of 10 people that she was a bad mom. Another delivered about a week ago and had decided to stop breastfeeding because she felt like it was too much for her. Her own choice right? Some people actually suggested that she wasn’t doing the best for her baby and that she was a bad mom. I don’t need to tell you how they felt after that, you can imagine. These beautiful mothers love their kids more than anyone else in the world and they know what’s best for themselves and their children. So if they decide to eat gummy bear or stop breastfeeding, they are free to do so without having to hear any comment from anyone! Please remember that we are already living very stressful times, there is no need to be mean to people that are doing their best.Shaming others can cause serious psychological and emotional consequences. Don’t take it lightly.NB: I talked about mothers, but this is applicable to everyone trying to deal with something that is not easy and having to hear mean and inconsiderate comments that makes it all so much harder.

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Your relationship with food is not really about food itself.

Feeling powerless around food is about avoiding to accept and deal with your emotions. It will lead you to eat to numb your feelings and fill a certain void. It can be triggered by anxiety, fear, uncertainty, boredom, disappointment, anger, and other emotions that are not very easy to deal with. Learning to know your triggers, accepting, understanding and comforting yourself is key to have a healthier relationship with food and feel better on all levels 😌I am there if you need me to support you in this journey 😉

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2022 Resolutions

We have all been going through a lot this year. This is why I felt the need to remind you to truly take care of your well being. Don’t pressure yourself too much with self inflicted and hard to achieve goals. Be kind to yourself, mindful of what you eat, exercise moderately, sleep well and create your own balance. Each and everyone of us is different, so please do whatever makes YOU feel good and grounded.And please, let’s all try to be grateful for who we are and what we have in our lives.

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Corn salad for dinner anyone?

It was really tasty! I mixed:- corn: I baked the corn for a few minutes on a baking sheet in the oven to make them more crispy 😉

– red onions

– cherry tomatoes

– rocket leaves

– avocado

– lemon, olive oil and garlic dressing

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