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Diet – Binge Cycle

This cycle is a vicious circle people usually get caught in after repeated attempts at dieting.
Fad diets will push you to restrict your food intake or remove food groups. They might help you lose weight at first because it is different from what you are used to doing, but soon enough, you feel deprived, frustrated and you will eventually “cheat” and overeat.
This will make you feel guilty and affect your self-esteem. However, you should know that overeating is the body’s natural response to starvation to protect itself, it is not a lack of willpower that makes you eat.
Unfortunately, you will also be developing an unhealthy relationship with food.
Here’s what you need to:
– make peace with food
– respect your body
– deal with negative emotions without using food
– most importantly, have a balanced lifestyle.
If you feel that you are stuck in this cycle, I am here to help 🙂

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Healthy & easy starter: cauliflower with lemon tahini sauce !

– preheat the oven at 200 degrees C
– put the cauliflower on a baking sheet (you can slice it if you prefer)
– drizzle with 2-3 tbsp of oil using a basting brush to spread it all over
– add salt & pepper to taste and garlic powder (optional)
– roast for 40-50 minutes
If the cauliflower is golden brown but not soft enough, you can cover it with aluminium foil until it becomes soft
– while waiting, prepare the lemon tahini dressing: mix 1 lemon, juiced + 1/3 cup tahini + pinch of salt + 1 clove garlic + water to thin (3-6 tbsp depending on the texture you like)
– Finally drizzle the dressing on the roasted cauliflower and serve

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Cooking with kids has many benefits 😋

Today my 3 year old niece and I prepared healthy homemade granolas with all the ingredients she likes 😋 Cooking with kids has many benefits including:
– strenghtening family bonding
– promoting healthy eating
– increasing focus & attention
– developing an adventurous palate
– exploring senses & various textures
– boosting self confidence

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Homemade Cake 😋

Warm and comforting homemade cake in this stormy weather 😋
Thank you @kitchenrule for this easy & delicious recipe!

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Online and in person?

With the pandemic, many health professionals have been doing more online consultations.
Personally, I am offering both (online and in person).
I would really like to know what you prefer. Do YOU feel that you are getting the same care online and in person?
If not, what do you think is missing in order to feel that you are getting the best care possible?
I’d love to hear from you 😊

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It is not your fault. You are human.

We usually start a new diet to take control over our food intake and lose weight. We might feel in control at first.

However, with all the rules and restrictions, we feel deprived and frustrated which will ultimately lead us to eating the “forbidden foods”, emotionally eating or binging. We end up losing control, feeling weak and “not strong enough”.

Then, we believe that the solution is to start another diet to regain control. We think to ourselves: “This time it will work, I will do it better”. And we fall into the same trap.

Let’s stop this vicious cycle. Start eating everything in a balanced way. Please don’t feel guilty and please don’t think that you are not good enough.

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Last night’s healthy, balanced & tasty dinner 😋:

Grilled salmon – marinated with lemongrass, ginger, thyme, soya sauce, sesame oil & lemon – together with sweet potatoes and steamed zucchini.
It actually is my favorite dinner 😄 And the best part is: it takes only 50 minutes to prepare & cook the whole meal and trust me, it is so worth it!

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Having a morning routine is really important.

In fact, starting your day slowly will help you be more calm and focused the rest of the day.
Take time for yourself, drink water, meditate, have a warm drink, have breakfast, get dressed and then start working.
A routine will ground you. You can also use this time to write the list of things you need to do and set your priorities. You will be less likely to forget things.
You will also increase your productivity and feel more in control.
What else do you like to do in the morning?

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