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Mira's Blog

My last morning in Paris

So many pictures online presenting the perfect vacations get us lost on how to spend our days.
Free yourself from what others like to do and find what truly makes you spend a good moment.

Today is my last morning in Paris, how did I choose to live it? Some self care time: a gripping book, a delicious açaí bowl & a perfect cappuccino 😋

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Beautiful illustration by Agathe Sorlet.

Beautiful illustration by Agathe Sorlet.

Social norms and media instill in our minds and those of our children a certain way to perceive ourselves that can make us uncomfortable about our weight or shape.
We must try and free ourselves of these perceptions and love ourselves
Be our body’s friend and supporter, not its dictator. This means listening to what it is trying to tell us and what it needs; rest when we feel tired, eat when we are hungry.
Most importantly , we should be surrounded with people that remind us of our true beauty and strength ❣️

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Happy birthday mom! 💖

It always feels good to celebrate with the people you love the most and share cakes & laughters on their special day! Happy birthday mom! 💖

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Diets don’t work. How peculiar is it to hear that from a Dietitian?

Diets don’t work. How peculiar is it to hear that from a Dietitian?
Adapt your lifestyle and eating behaviors in a sustainable and realistic way.
There is no need to exercise 7 days a week and avoid carbohydrates at all costs. That will undoubtebly lead you to the other extreme, in which you will find yourself binging on unhealthy foods.
The best way to achieve your goals is to find a balance that works for you on the long run.

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Frozen Açaí bowl !

Frozen Açaí bowl

Good looks and popularity aside, are these bowls always healthy?The answer is: “it’s complicated”; there is no standard recipe to make them so they differ significantly.
The one thing they do have in common is the acai itself, a fruit sourced from South American rainforests. It’s full of antioxidants and low in sugar when compared to other fruits.
The secret is that since plain acai tastes bitter, we usually end up sweetening it – either in the powder mix we use, with artificial sugar & syrups or as a topping.
Hence, you can see how the seemingly super healthy meal can pretty quickly turn into a sugar bomb?
Fortunately, like most healthy food trends, there are ways to hack your acai bowl so it remains on the good-for-you end of the spectrum.

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How about you write down a Flexible To Do List today ?

How about you write down a Flexible To Do List today 😄? Keep in mind that there is no pressure in all of this. The goal is for you to enjoy it and:
– Organize your mind
– Prioritize choices and tasks
– Schedule & re schedule your time: if a meeting gets cancelled or you otherwise find yourself with extra time, you can quickly see how you can manage your time
– Feel Productive: it feels great to cross items off your list
– Coordinate similar tasks

If a Flexible To Do List feels like all work and no play, write down fun & simple things as well like meeting a friend, stretching for 10 minutes or catching up with a colleague

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I love snowshoeing!

I love snowshoeing! It surely doesn’t raise your adrenaline levels like skiing or snowboarding; yet it has considerable benefits too! My favorite: you can walk anywhere you want, stop, contemplate the beautiful mountains and listen to silence. Moreover:

– It is a low impact workout: snow is known to act like a cushion, which absorbs bumps and shocks.

– It is great cardiovascular workout: it improves lungs and heart health.

– It helps you build muscles: core, quads, calves, hamstrings & for those using poles, your back, arm & shoulders will get a good workout too

– It doesn’t require special skills or experience & any person can snowshoe regardless of their age.

– It burns more calories than walking at the same pace

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