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  • Make the healthy choice: When choosing your meat, always make sure to get it as lean as possible.


We cover diverse health related concerns such as nutrition and diet, fitness, weight control, diseases, disease management, societal trends affecting health, analysis about health, business of health and health research.

Today was a beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day #nofilter #nahreljoz #lebanon #batroun #familytime #hike #hiking #hikinginlebanon #beautifulday #sunnyday #weekendgetaway @ Nahr El…

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ABC Brings it Home

ABC Brings it Home For our first Health & Well-being Instagram live with The HealthQuarters Polyclinic, Dietitian Mira Tueny and…

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Reading more to know more

Reading more about one of the challenges some of us are currently facing. Swipe right ➡️ to know more

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OUR specialties

Balanced lifestyle

Having a balanced lifestyle is considered essential for optimum levels of physical and mental health. Eating right, getting fit and nurturing your emotions are all part of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy life

A healthy life is the interaction of a healthy lifestyle, body and mind. “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO definition of health)

A strong body is being comfortable physically to be able to perform at your best and feel good in your everyday life.

Serene mind

A serene mind is being able to tackle daily struggles in a healthy and effective manner that will also connect to your emotional and physical wellbeing.