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August box revealed!

August box revealed! This month’s surprise is 1 week access to body garage including all courses!

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Light hike with the family! Being outdoors and experiencing beautiful sceneries is a great way to unwind and feel good! It is also a nice opportunity to spend quality time with your family & get your daily vitamin D dose ☀️!

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Lentil and smoked salmon salad!

Lentil and smoked salmon salad! A good post-workout meal rich in proteins, fibers, good fats, vitamins and nutrients like folate, iron, manganese and phosphorus.

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Quinoa and beetroot salad!

Quinoa and beetroot salad! Beetroots are an effective way to treat cardiovascular conditions, blood pressure & diabetes. They can:
– slow the progression of dementia
– prevent constipation
– enhance athletic performance.

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Sweeten with honey!

If you are like me and you enjoy your coffee sweet, use honey as a healthy alternative to sugar 

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Teach young kids to be comfortable with their developing bodies

Expressive art by Shanea Gaiger. Social norms and the media are teaching our kids and adults to feel uncomfortable about their bodies and themselves. We need to teach them the opposite. To love themselves as they are. It is crucial to help them overcome body image issues to prevent eating disorders. Please try not to use “fat” and “diet” at home or to them. Young kids are susceptible; teach them to be comfortable with their developing bodies, boost their confidence and promote a positive body image.

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July box revealed!

July box revealed! Yoga lovers, you will love this month’s surprise gift: yoga session for 2 at Sarvam Yoga!

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