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In the past 24 hours alone, I have heard 2 of many similar stories of mothers feeling guilty after people shamed them. One is pregnant and was eating gummy bears when someone shamed her for harming her baby and told her in front of 10 people that she was a bad mom. Another delivered about a week ago and had decided to stop breastfeeding because she felt like it was too much for her. Her own choice right? Some people actually suggested that she wasn’t doing the best for her baby and that she was a bad mom. I don’t need to tell you how they felt after that, you can imagine. These beautiful mothers love their kids more than anyone else in the world and they know what’s best for themselves and their children. So if they decide to eat gummy bear or stop breastfeeding, they are free to do so without having to hear any comment from anyone! Please remember that we are already living very stressful times, there is no need to be mean to people that are doing their best.Shaming others can cause serious psychological and emotional consequences. Don’t take it lightly.NB: I talked about mothers, but this is applicable to everyone trying to deal with something that is not easy and having to hear mean and inconsiderate comments that makes it all so much harder.