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Your relationship with food is crucial for a healthy life.

Your relationship with food is crucial for a healthy life. Focusing too much on food choices is unhealthy and will affect your mental and physical health. I will share some signs that indicates you might have a complicated relationship with food:
– You live according to strict rules. If you break one of them, you beat yourself up
– Food is your best friend and your worst enemy
– You categorize foods as “bad” / “good” or “right” / “wrong”
– You feel guilty after eating a “bad” food and feel the need to compensate with behaviors such as over exercising, fasting, detoxing or a new diet.
– There are many ingredients that you avoid eating so you always make sure to read labels thoroughly and count calories
– You don’t trust yourself around food: you feel powerless around the foods that you crave “if I have a bite, I will end up eating the whole cake”. So you end up craving it even more and this can lead to binges later.
– You let the scale dictate your mood
– You can’t remember the last time you weren’t on a specific diet and ate what you felt like eating without second guessing yourself
– You can’t seem to find a balance
Your body is designed to handle food, you have to trust it. So focus on healing your relationship with food. I am there to help if you need support 🙂