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Olive picking in the Lebanese mountain.

I am thankful for days like these for letting us realise the beauty of our country and nature.
It was a tiring day, a full body workout 😉 and now I really appreciate all the work behind having olive and olive oil on my table

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85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no family history.
A healthy and balanced lifestyle is crucial to prevent breast cancer among other diseases.
Please remember that mental health is pivotal in the prevention of diseases. I know that we are living very stressful times but we really need to try and cope with our insecurities & instability around us.
If you need any support, I am there to help 🙂

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[Mental Health Support]
Stay tuned for an Instagram live on @abclebanon with Mira Tueny and Dr Chady Ibrahim from @thehealthquarters who will be talking about “How to deal with trauma in children and adults”
They will be discussing how trauma affects children and adults and also provide tips to deal with them
Stay tuned
Monday, August 24

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There is almost always a reason behind overeating.

There is almost always a reason behind overeating.
« I am not strong enough » & « I don’t have willpower » aren’t one of those.

The root causes I see the most in my clinic include:
– Trying to numb stress and anxiety through food
– Restricting food or food groups which leads to cravings
– Not being mindful & mentally present during meals
– Not sleeping well
– Not drinking enough water
– Skipping meals
– Eating quickly

So, please, before trying to follow a restrictive diet to avoid overeating & gaining weight, take a look at your eating habits, overall lifestyle, feelings and emotions.

I will be more than happy to help if you need me too.

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Today was a beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day
#nofilter #nahreljoz #lebanon #batroun #familytime #hike #hiking #hikinginlebanon #beautifulday #sunnyday #weekendgetaway @ Nahr El Joz

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ABC Brings it Home

ABC Brings it Home
For our first Health & Well-being Instagram live with The HealthQuarters Polyclinic, Dietitian Mira Tueny and Psychotherapist Dana Sarhan will be talking about Stress & Weight Gain during the quarantine.

They will highlight the physical effect of stress on weight gain, psychological effect, how to manage emotional eating and how to self-care.

Stay tuned tomorrow
Wednesday, April 15
Be many ❣️

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Please remember that we are living stressful times.

Please remember that we are living stressful times. We are adapting by creating a new routine; hence, it is only expected that our eating habits will change.

The emotions we are feeling such as stress, anxiety, loneliness, boredom, confusion – only to cite a few – will make us eat more. It is normal.

Now is not the time to take drastic measures to lose weight. It will only increase stress, frustration, pressure while compromising our immunity.

In these trying times, we have to be kind with ourselves. We need to eat healthy and nourish our bodies in order to feel strong physically & mentally.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if I can be of any support

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Me time!

Me time!
I felt pressured since the beginning of the lockdown to be productive, work more, take new challenges…
I now realize that I am allowed to do NOTHING
In these times of struggle and uncertainty, one of the best thing you can do is to take time to connect with yourself, listen to what your body and mind truly want and do it.

If you feel like training every day, then do it. However, if the pressure of doing nothing is pushing you to train, please don’t. It will only increase anxiety and stress, and this is the last thing you need right now.
Now is the perfect time to find peace

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